When was the last time you were assured of the naturalness of your favourite fruit? Or how long before you knew about the sanctity of the generous dollop of desi ghee that goes into all the heavenly delicacies?

If not sure of the answer, then it shouldn’t come as a wonder in today’s modern age of diabolic commercialisation.

The worrying trend

Though food adulteration has been known to mankind since the ancient ages, the contemporary trends are growing at a bothering rate.

As the deadly demons of food adulteration brigade to expand their tentacles in our daily lives, consumers are being reduced to nothing more than hapless souls.

From bare necessities to the choicest of comfort foods, nothing, sadly, can be deemed to be safe for consumption. Be it the all-shining vegetables at the market or the deep-fried nuggets at swanky food courts, foods are either being infused with harmful chemicals or cooked with unsafe and carcinogenic oils.

Adulterations of toor dal with lathyrus sativas, milk powder with melamine, and fruits with carbide substances just form a miniscule fraction of the malignancy.

The potential hazards

A common practice nowadays, food adulteration not only debases the quality of food but also looms a large threat for health hazards.

The usage of undesired and inferior substances in degrading food can hamper a healthy human being’s health in several ways.

While a few adulterants can cause chronic gastro-intestinal disorders, certain toxic chemicals could also lead to repercussions such as cancer, heart disease and breathing and skin disorders among many others.

What to do?

It is unfortunate that despite shelling out hard-earned money, consumers are not guaranteed with the safety of food products.

Despite the efforts from the concerned food safety authorites, disgracing ethics and vicious use of human intellect by the miscreants continue to accentuate the long-existing menace.

While there’s an ever-growing need for the execution of stringent means to curb the evil, awareness too, needs to be created among the common consumers.

It is important to educate them of the basic adulterant-detection methods and encourage to shift towards a healthy lifestyle.

With the concept of “farm-to-home” fast catching up the pace in our neighbourhoods, consumers can now avail better products for consumption.

Organic and natural products are beginning to occupy prime significance in many of our kitchens and come as the preferred choices to battle food adulteration up to a sizeable extent.

The need of the hour is to make our choices wisely and eat right in an attempt to living a healthy and hearty life. Wondering where to start off with the same? Pay a visit down to our store and you would definitely know how.