Until a good decade ago, our first few moments in a day would be greeted with the bright sunshine, chirping birds and fresh air of a refreshing morning.

But today, the shrieking Facebook notifications and panicky office reminders are what set the tone to our frigid mornings.

Plunging right away into the bustling mess of our daily routines, within no time, we find ourselves surrounded by piles of uncleared work and a cluster of vexatious conferences. Hustling through the works and running through the WhatsApp chats, we also often lose a track of what’s on our platters while lunching or dining.

And before we even know it, the clock strikes the long bell and we set off on our distressed sleep regimes only to wake up to the same horrors on the following day.

A worrying trend

While this “trend” in today’s fast-moving world might result in fancy salaries and a rewarding career, our lives are changing into what they were never meant to be. A chic apartment at the cost of a protruding belly and a flashy car driven by bogged down shoulders are fast becoming common sights nowadays.

What happened to the good old quotations that said: “health is humanity’s greatest wealth”? Where are our old-school teachings that told us the importance of a healthy diet? Compare an older generation with the current one and you’d find your answers within no time.

On the one hand, you would spot an 80-year-old grandma nonchalantly walking all the way to a nearby grocery store and on the other, a 20-year-old student would be spotted huffing and puffing while taking a basic staircase.

Neglecting fitness and diet in pursuit of careers is on the cusp of becoming an acceptable norm of the modern lifestyle.

Vegetables and pulses continue to persist on the least-liked list of our kids, who seem to be ever-indulgent in the virtual deceptions of smartphones. Youngsters remain reluctant to relish homemade food and choose to celebrate at a posh fast food chain.

Given the scenario, a few despondent perspectives foresee bleak things for the coming days.

Moving towards the “healthy” trend

Worried by the plaguing situation, many individuals have been coming forward to rectify things. Organizing clubs and preaching the vitality of a healthy lifestyle, these individuals have beamed a ray of “healthy” hope.

Thanks to their dedicated efforts, awareness is beginning to take strong roots. Though the lessons have come the hard way, health is once again being prioritized and diet given the utmost importance.

Traditional foods are finding their right place in the market and the concept of “eat right-live right” is making way into many homes.

Hopefully, the trend sustains long and turns into a pattern, thereby causing a positive influence in many lives. And with an aim of taking this trend forward, Sattva Naturals is here to build a healthier society.

So, are we losing ourselves in “modernity”? No, not just yet.