Beaming with colour, oozing with flavour and dripping with delight, pickles are all that you need to set your spirits right on any given day.

And what better place to relish these man-made wonders than in the state of Andhra Pradesh?

Tour any of the traditional kitchens here and you’d find a myriad of these irresistible pickles inevitably stored in proud antique jars. From the world-renowned Aavakaya to the unbeatably flavourful Gongura uragai, each pickle holds its own distinction.

The tradition

Summers in India are made all the more special with the onset of the mango season. The fruit enjoys a special spot in the Indian cuisine and is the core for many traditional savouries prepared all over the country.

Among the boastful many, pickles, made from mango, stand apart as the proud reflection of our ancestral culinary skills.

While the mango pickles in different parts of India associate themselves to the sour and tangy flavours, those in the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are famous for their super-fiery flavours.

Typically, it is Aavakaya that occupies the regal throne among the different pickles that are prepared each year. Magai, Paccha Avakai, Sweet Avakai, Pulihora Avakai, Menthi Avakai, etc, are a few other variants of pickles made of raw mango.

However, it is not just the mangoes that are used to make pickles. As the culinary inventiveness keeps evolving with each passing day, we keep surprising our taste buds with newer varieties from time to time. Vegetables, pulses, green leaves, and meat are the other extensions that are used in pickles here.

To name some, Kotheemera uragai, with its fresh and flavourful pulp, Tomato uragai, with its tang and spice, and Cauliflower uragai, with its crunch and smack, are the rewards of mastering the art of pickle-making. In fact, many would be even surprised to know that the Telugu households also make a sweet pickle, named Teepi Avakaya, that offers the contrasting flavours of spice and sweetness.

At Sattva Naturals

Continuing this rich legacy of pickling your cravings, Sattva Naturals brings a variety of homemade pickles to the fore.

Visit our store and soar in the authenticity of delicious Andhra pickles. The pickles we offer include:

  • Avakai
  • Cauliflower Avakai
  • Dondakaya Avakai
  • Drumstick Avakai
  • Usiri Avakai
  • Nimmakaya Uragai
  • Tomato Uragai
  • Allam Uragai
  • Kakarkaya Avakai
  • Pandu mirappalla Uragai
  • Cabbage Avakai
  • Dabbakai
  • Mixed Dabbakai

The Testament

Looking for a wholesome dish to treat your “foodie soul”? Then what are you waiting for? Settle in, spread your platter with steaming hot rice, pitch in your favourite pickle and swoop in a dollop of ghee to get started on one heavenly delight that is best served in the staples of Andhra Pradesh.