When cookies get a millet-upgrade

From being the quintessential accompaniments on the tea platter to celebrating festivities, cookies have always been one of our favourite baked items.

Flat, light and sweet, these heavenly delights have been treating us in different forms and flavours over the years.

However, given the recent spike in health awareness among consumers, many cookies made from certain ingredients are not having the best of times in the market.

While a few are being avoided for their high amounts of sugar content, others are being looked down upon owing to their association with refined flour.

It has now become a common sight to watch parents too, discourage these cookies in order to advocate healthy eating habits among their children from a young age.

Trying to capitalise the scenario, a few corporate giants have come forth endorsing wheat-based digestive cookies. However, given the era of commercialisation, the authenticity of such cookies, sold under the hefty labels of brands, is rightfully questionable.

Our effort

As a solution, Sattva Naturals procures millet-based homemade cookies from Dr Neelima, who has been expertising in the art for the past three years.

A dentist by profession, Dr Neelima started preparing millet-based cookies to ensure the right nutrition to her kids. The word spread gradually, and her cookies began finding takers from different corners.

Her belief that “healthy can also be tasty,” seems to have paid rich dividends with many children relishing her millet-based cookies.

Equipped with beneficial insights gained through a course in Clinical Nutrition, Dr Neelima says that her cookies stand apart when it comes to quality and taste. Explaining that the maida and dalda used in commercially sold cookies are harmful to human bodies, she shares, “It is a strict no to maida, dalda, and white sugar in my kitchen. I have been making cookies using different types of millets. While the flour used is whole-wheat based, other ingredients in my preparations involve jaggery, cane sugar, palm jaggery and dairy products derived from A2 cow.”

Benefits of different types of millets

Millets are powerhouses of nutrition. Some of the many health benefits offered by them include.

  • Managing blood sugar levels
  • Promoting digestion
  • Rich sources of vitamins and minerals
  • Helping in detoxifying the body
  • Helping in weight loss
  • Aiding in sleep
  • Treating Coronary Artery Disorder

So, now that millets can be consumed in one of the more exciting ways in the form of cookies, what are you waiting for? Visit Sattva Naturals today and take your first step in increasing the nutrition quotient of your child’s snack box significantly.